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18-Sep-2017 14:55

My Y635 and Y550 phones all run fine with just 1GB of RAM, so there is no reason this new one won't either. Have Vodafone conditioned you to accept phones from them that only have a subset of their bands?

As an example of RAM usage, my samsung S2 tablet has 3GB of RAM and can often show it has far less than 1GB free when idle, but obviously it's not actually using the 2GB, it's just keeping previously run apps in cache and I have no need to be paranoid and run apps to recover free memory. They finally seem to have got their act together with phones, not that I have checked every current offering. The 'bonus' as far as I am concerned is 700Mhz and for the traveller to Europe 800Mhz.

I just came back from a month in Europe where the 800MHz would have been a bonus for sure. I fear it'll still be quite a while before we can buy anything like that for 0 from a walk in bricks and motar store, same goes for getting 2GB of RAM in a phone of this price range.

For anyone willing to purchase online from china there are plenty of powerful devices around, but the risk is there.

The only potential negative I can see with it so far is that the hardware buttons (back, home, tasks) seem to be missing, I've never been a fan of on-screen buttons, they take away valuable display space and alter the way the phone is used, especially in landscape mode.

We would have to imagine that it'll be 1GB of RAM for sure.

However, given the frequency support has already been pleasantly surprising.

I'm hoping (dreaming) that capability turns out to be another.

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which are the new 4G "capacity" bands utilised by Telstra and Optus and perhaps in the future by Vodafone.

I'm certain there will be tweenie gamers who will whinge about this, but I find it to be sufficient in a phone of this type.

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